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Part Number: 9771-SFR
Vertrel   SFR - 11 lb, jug
11 lb. Gallon
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Vertrel SFR - 11 lb, jug
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Vertrel SFR specialty fluid

Vertrel® SFR specialty fluid can solve your most difficult defluxing needs, offering the following benefits:

  • effectively removes tough high temperature lead-free and no-clean fluxes
  • fast drying; non-flammable; with superior solvency; and safe to use
  • significantly safe choice vs. TCE and nPB; designed to replace ozone-depleting HCFCs such as HCFC-225


Because there are multiple Vertrel products that can be used for the same application depending on the specifics of your application, please contact us so we can help guide you to the best solution for your needs.

Vertrel specialty fluids have the broadest range of cleaning power of any solvent family. Vertrel can match nPB cleaning power in most cleaning situations. 

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