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TMC Y06/6 PFPE Virgin Vacuum Pump Fluid, Sold by the lb.

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TMC Y06/6 PFPE Virgin Vacuum Pump Fluid, Sold by the lb.
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TMC Y06/6 PFPE Virgin vacuum pump fluid sold in bulk by the pound (lb.). Among the many features, this PFPE oil is non-flammable, thermally stable, radioactively stable, has high dielectric properties, and performs in both high and low temperatures. The presence of fluorine in this oil provides thermal, chemical, and oxidative stability. The presence of oxygen provides imparted flexibility to the polymer chain, excellent flow behavior at low temperatures, and a high viscosity index for linear PFPE s. Due to its chemical inertness it is compatible with plastic, metal, and elastomers, and along with a low miscibility with solvents and water.


  • Doesn't react with most corrosive vapors or act as a fuel when pumping oxygen or oxidizing agents
  • Withstands high temperatures and oxygen conditions (photo-resist stripping), processes forming Lewis acids (aluminum etching), products from sulfur hexafluoride etching, most acids, bases, and oxidizing agents
  • Applications include extreme operating conditions, pumping oxygen or other oxidants, photo-resist stripping, LPCVD, plasma etching, and reactive ion etching
  • Recommended for direct and belt-driven rotary vane pumps used in extreme operating conditions found in semiconductor processing
  • High thermal stability. Thermal decomposition will only occur at temperatures over 290°C (554°F)
  • Extensively wide temperature range: -100 °C 290 °C
  • Weight loss as low as 0.3% at 204 °C

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