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TMC-704 - 5 gallon (44.5 lbs)

Part Number 4092-mp
TMC-704 - 5 gallon  (44.5 lbs)
TMC 704 - 5 gal.
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TMC 704 silicone diffusion pump fluid is single component, tetramethyl tetraphenyl trisiloxane, clear fluid developed for deep vacuum levels of 10-6 torr (untrapped) and 10-8 torr (trapped). TMC 704 is chemically equivalent to Dow Corning® DC-704.  TMC 704 diffusion pump fluid is used by many aerospace, optical coating, glass, and vacuum heat treating companies.

TMC-704 performs well in tough, rugged applications with quick pump-down, even after exposure to air at high temperatures. It is thermally and chemically stable, which keeps pump jets free of tars and hard carbon.

Due to its dielectric properties, it is also used effectively as a reliability test fluid for high temperature (>400°F) applications using liquid to liquid thermal shock testing and as a fill fluid for chemical process control instruments.

TMC Industries uses centrifugal mollecular stills and a multistep filtration process to restore contaminated  pump oils to near virgin specifications. 

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