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Part Number: 9777-5
Opteon  SF79 - 5 lb. 1/2 gallon bottle
Opteon™ SF79, 5 lb. Glass Jug
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Opteon SF-79 - 5 lb. gallon bottle
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Opteon SF79 cleaning agent

Opteon SF79 (previously called Vertrel Sion) is a high solvency cleaning agent developed to replace nPB and in response to worldwide market demand for safe, nonflammable and low environmental impact products for cleaning applications. Typical applications for this product include degreasing, precision cleaning, defluxing, silicone removal, 3D metal parts cleaning and general solvent cleaning.



2x the solvency and 1/2 the price of 3M™ Novec™ 72DA

Designed to clean a wide range of soils

Fast, residue-free drying; offers viscosity to clean oil and grease from small parts, leaving no residue

Compatible with a broad range of metals, plastics, and elastomers

Chemically and thermally stable

Zero ODP and low GWP (< 15 GWP)

Recyclable and reusable

Low surface tensions


Allows for the continued use of existing equipment (no or minimal equipment upgrade necessary)

Easy to handle, easy to store

Also available in pails and drums. Call for pricing.


Physical Properties


Property @ 25°C (77°F)
Boiling Point47°C
Liquid Density1.279 g/cm3
Liquid Kinematic Viscosity0.03251 cm2/s
Liquid Specific Heat1.092 kJ/kg-K
Liquid Thermal Conductivity127 mW/m-K
Vapor Pressure44.1 kPa
Heat of Vaporization226 kJ/kg
Flash Point, CC, ASTM D560
Flash Point, OC, ASTM D13100
Vapor Flammability, ASTM E6817.25-15.25 vol %
KB Value, ASTM D1133100



Opteon SF79 represents a safe alternative to chlorinated solvents such as HCFC-225, 141b, TCE and nPB, which are currently being phased out due to health and environmental risks. The safe exposure limit for nPB has been measured at 5-10 ppm industry authorities even recommend further reducing to 0.1 ppm whereas Opteon SF79 has a safe exposure limit of 201 ppm, which is comparable to everyday rubbing alcohol.


The cleaning power of Opteon SF79 has been measured up to a 100 KB value, which is a cleaning power standard. Opteon SF79 can match nPB and other common formulations ounce for ounce, providing all their solvency benefits, while offering a superior toxicity profile.


While Opteon SF79 is a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly nPB replacement, nPB requires acid acceptance testing, stabilizer maintenance, and solvent air monitoring for safe and effective use. These additional formulations and processes increase your overall cost of using nPB making Opteon SF-79 an even better, safer value.

Product Datasheet    SF79 Benefits    Retrofit Guidelines    Safety Data Sheet

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