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Opteon™ SF10 - 6 kg. bottle

Part Number 9779-6kg
Opteon™ SF10 - 6 kg. bottle
Opteon™ SF10 - 6 kg.
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Opteon SF10 is a clear, colorless, non-flammable, thermally stable fluorinated fluid developed in response to worldwide market demand for a low environmental impact heat transfer fluid, brine coolant, dielectric fluid, and test fluid as well as a solvent for cleaning and carrier fluid applications.

Physical Properties

Property @ 25°C (77°F)


Molecular Weight

362 g/mol

Boiling Point

110°C (230°F)

Freezing Point

 <-90°C (<-130°F)

Critical Temperature

240°C (464°F)

Critical Pressure

 1.7 MPa

Liquid Density

1.58 g/cm3

Liquid Viscosity

0.71 cSt

Liquid Specific Heat

1.0 kJ/kg-K

Liquid Thermal Conductivity

0.065 W/m-K

Surface Tension

18 Dyn/cm

Vapor Pressure

2.9 KPa

Heat of Vaporization

115 kJ/kg

Solubility in Water

<1 ppm

Water Solubility

80 ppm

Flash Point, CC ASTM D56


Dielectric Constant at 1 kHz



109-11 Ohm-cm

Occupational Exposure Limits

500 ppm

Global Warming Potential, 100-yr ITH


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