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Part Number: 101315
Molykote U-N PASTE - 1 kg Can
1 kg can
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Molykote U-N PASTE - 1 kg Can
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Solid lubricant paste with synthetic carrier oil.

Key Properties

A PAG based anti-seize paste formulated with solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide and white solids.


For assembling, running-in and permanent lubrication of components that are subjected to high temperatures; Suitable for the dry lubrication of bearings (low rotary speeds), slideways and joints that are subjected to temperatures exceeding 200°C. At higher temperatures the carrier volatilizes leaving virtually no residue, and the remaining dry, antifriction film alone takes over the only lubrication up to +450°C – even beyond this in a protective gas atmosphere; As the paste has a synthetic oil base, it is also suitable for lubricating construction elements that consist of materials that are not resistant to mineral oils.

Features & Benefits

Dry lubrication up to +450°C; Reduced friction and wear; Low coefficient of friction; High load-carrying capacity; Compatible with some types of natural rubber and plastics (test for compatibility required before use).

Product Details

Product Type:Anti-Seize Paste
Chemistry:Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG)
Solid Lubricant:MoS2, white solids
High Temp:400°C

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