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Part Number: 101246
Molykote G-2001 BEARING - 400 gm Cart
400 gm cartridge
Your Price: $18.96
Molykote G-2001 Bearing Grease - 400 gm cartridge
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Molykote G-2001 High Speed Bearing Grease is a synthetic oil-based grease thickened by a lithium-calcium system. Molykote G -2001 Grease offers excellent low temperature performance. Molykote G -2001 Grease provides premium protection against wear and corrosion. The absence of solid lubricants makes Molykote G -2001 Grease well suited for small to medium sized rolling element bearings at high speeds.

Key Properties

NLGI Grade 2 - PAO based grease with a base oil viscosity of 35 cSt at 40 C, lithium-calcium thickened, with no solid lubricants.


• High speed bearings.
• Spindles.
• Fast moving positioners.
• Moulding cutters.
• Chemical industry and paper processing.

Features & Benefits

Wide service temperature range; Usable for high speeds; Excellent low temperature properties; Excellent temperature-consistency profile.

Product Details

Product Type:Grease
Chemistry:Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
Base Oil Viscosity:35 @ 40°C
NLGI Grade:2
High Temp:129°C
Low Temp:-51°C

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