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Part Number: 101169
Molykote 3400A ANTI-FRICTION COATING  LF - 1 kg Can
1 kg can
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Molykote 3400A ANTI-FRICTION COATING LF - 1 kg Can
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Dow Corning Molykote 3400A Anti-Friction Coating is a solid, dry lubricant that is used as corrosion protection for automotive, construction, and farm equipment applications. It is also used as a lubricant for applications that are subjected to dirty environments, low speeds, high loads, and rebuilt equipment.

Key Properties

A heat cured anti-friction coating filled with molydenum disulfide and and antimony trioxide.


Sliding contacts of metal/metal combinations with slow to moderate fast movements and high loads; Used successfully in automotive applications such as: pins, springs and bearings surfaces in brakes, body hinges and linkages; Moving parts in locks, switches, ventilation controls and servo mechanisms; Under the hood linkages exposed to dust, moisture, fuels, oils and other contaminants; Hinge pins, sleeve bearings and cams; Servo mechanism and instrument bearing; Threaded connections and fasteners

Features & Benefits

Excellent lubrication; Excellent corrosion protection; Good solvent resistance; High load-carrying capacity; Excellent adhesion to metal; Low coefficient of friction; High resistance to oil and fuels.

Product Details

Product Type:Anti-Friction Coating
Chemistry:Organic Binder
Solid Lubricant:MoS2
Cure Temp:200°C
High Temp:315°C
Low Temp:-200°C
Hazmat:Yes - a shipping surcharge may be applied

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