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Part Number: 35902
Krytox  XP 1A3 Oil, 5 kg.
Krytox XP 1A3, 5 kg.
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Krytox XP 1A3 Oil, 5 kg., 11 lb. / 5 kg.
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Krytox XP Lubricants with Soluble Additive

Krytox XP lubricants are formulated using patented soluble additives. Typical perfluoropolyether (PFPE) greases use solid additives for anti-rust, anti-wear, or extreme pressure performance. These components are mixed into the grease and held in place by the grease thickener. There were no additives available for the oil, because of the inertness of the oil and insolubility of available additives.

The Krytox XP lubricant line offers greases and oils with a soluble additive in the oil. It won t be washed away or left behind with the grease thickener. These new patented additives enhance the performance of Krytox PFPE greases and oils, giving them improved performance properties.

Bearings run quieter and wear less, because there are no solid additives to make noise. Lower wear will extend bearing and component life. The anticorrosion protection of the additive will reduce rusting and allow longer grease and bearing life. The extreme pressure properties of the additive protect bearings under high loads.

DuPont  Krytox® Oils

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