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Krytox GPL 295 Grease, 7 kg. pail

Part Number 38976
Krytox  GPL 295 Grease, 7 kg. pail
Krytox GPL 295 grease, 7 kg. / 15.4 lb. pail
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Krytox GPL 295 grease is a yellow, creamy full synthetic grease that contains extreme pressure (EP) additives and anticorrosion additives. This grade has an ISO grade base oil value of 150 and a viscosity of 550 cSt at 20° C.
  • Krytox GPL 290 series greases have extreme pressure and anti-corrosion additives and have been formulated for high temperature applications that need both high load carrying capacity and anti-corrosion protection.

  • Typical applications include slow-speed conveyor bearings that are subjected to vibration, moist conditions, or frequent temperature cycling that could allow condensation and rusting to occur.

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