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Part Number: 38858
Krytox  240 AZ Grease, 8 oz. tube
Krytox 240 AZ Grease, 8 oz. tube
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Krytox 240 AZ Grease, 8 oz. tube
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Krytox lubricants were initially developed in the early 1960s specifically for the precise and demanding oxygen-safe lubrication needs of the aerospace industry. These PFPE synthetic lubricants have since replaced hundreds of special-formula, hydrocarbon-based oils and greases throughout the aerospace and aviation industries, thanks to a long list of superior performance characteristics and certifications.

Suborbital, orbital and deep space flight require ironclad reliability and lifetime lubrication for critical components that must operate flawlessly in high vacuum and extreme temperatures, as well as endure exposure to fuels, oxidizers and radiation. Commercial, corporate and military aviation demands safety, reliability and compliance with a wide range of precise military specifications, as well as reduced maintenance requirements. Krytox aerospace greases are available in grades conforming to / applicable under:

  • MIL PRF-27617
  • CAGE Code No. 0GXX0
  • FSN, NSN #9150-01-008-0495
  • NATO #G-398
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