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Galden® LS 200, 5 Kg. Bottle

Part Number 20282
Galden® LS 200, 5 Kg. Bottle
Galden LS 215, 5 kg.
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GALDEN® LS / HS is a line of fully fluorinated fluids specifically designed for Vapor Phase Soldering process. The narrow molecular weight distribution as well as the very strong carbon-fluorine bond and the flexible ether link provide the properties which make GALDEN® LS / HS ideal for use in Vapor Phase Soldering.


  • Wide choice of grades with different boiling point
  • Narrow molecular weight distribution
  • No flash or fire points
  • No auto ignition point
  • No explosion hazards
  • Excellent thermal and chemical stability
  • Good compatibility with materials
  • Low heat of vaporization
  • Vapor density greater than air


  • Widest operating temperature range to optimize Vapor Phase Solder process
  • Maximum process stability and repeat-ability
  • No boiling point drift
  • Rapid and residue free drying
  • Pre-heating and heating processes take place in an inert atmosphere
  • No corrosion or reaction with materials of construction
  • No formation of decomposition Residues
  • Enhanced safety
  • Safe to use at high temperature
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