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Part Number: 95000-11
FC-40 - Reclaimed by TMC, 11 lb.
Reclaimed FC-40, 11 lb.
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FC-40 - Reclaimed by TMC, 11 lb.
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FC-40 is a clear, colorless, thermally stable, fully fluorinated liquid ideal for use in many single phase heat transfer applications in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Its liquid range (-57°C to 165°C) makes it ideal for a variety of applications such as etchers, ion implanters, testers and others. Because FC-40 is primarily a single compound, its composition will not shift or fractionate with time. 

This is reclaimed product sold in 1 gallon containers. 

Typical Physical Properties Properties - TMC FC-40 Reclaimed Fluid

 Application Category  Electronic Testing ,  Heat Transfer
 Applications  Thermal Shock Testing ,  Semiconductor Cooling ,  Dielectric Bath ,  Heat Transfer ,  Gross Leak Testing
 Boiling Point  165 Degree C
 Boiling Point Range  150-175 Degree C
 Brand  Fluorinert
 Density  1.85 g/cm³
 Dielectric Strength  >40 (0.1" gap, kV)
 Dielectric Strength Range  >35 kV
 Fluorocarbon Solubility  Very High
 GWP (IPCC 2007)  >5000 (100 yr ITH)
 GWP Range  High
 Hydrocarbon Solubility  Low
 Max Use Temp Range  <250 Degree C
 Plastic Elastomer Compatibility  Excellent
 Pour Point  - 57 Degree C

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