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Part Number: 36074
Krytox GPL 105 Oil, 0.5 oz bottle
1/2 oz. bottle of GPL 105 oil
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Krytox GPL 105 Oil, 1/2 oz. / 14.2 gm. bottle
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Krytox GPL 105 Oil for Squeak Elimination

Within an automobile s interior, there are several places where different materials contact each other. Some examples include metal on plastic, leather on leather, and weather-stripping. Movement between these surfaces often results in a series of noises described as squeak, itch, or judder. Krytox lubricants can permanently eliminate these noises. They are easy to apply, have low volatility and can remain in place over the vehicle s entire lifetime. Furthermore, Krytox oils and greases are compatible with a wide variety of materials, and have the frictional and long-life characteristics that make them ideal lubricants in these applications.

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