1. DuPont Chain & Sprocket Degreaser, 11 oz. Aerosol
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DuPont Motorcycle Degreaser for Chain & Sprockets, 11 oz. Aerosol
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DuPont Chain & Sprocket Degreaser is fast-acting and strong to remove all types of grease, grime, wax, dirt and more from chains and sprockets. It's safe for all sealed chains, including the latest O-ring, z-ring, and x-ring chains. Use on motorcycles, ATVs, Go-Karts and Dirt Bikes. DuPont Chain & Sprocket Degreaser is made with biodegradable ingredients including soy extracted esters. It's easy to use; just wipe on and wipe off (no water rinsing is required), then re-lubricate and ride!

  • Strong & fast acting, yet safe for all sealed / O-ring chains
  • made with biodegradable ingredients including soy extracted esters
  • No water rinsing required, just spray, wipe, re-lubricate and ride
  • Safe for all x-ring, z-ring, O-ring chains
  • Quickly cleans grease, dirt, wax & grime off chains & sprockets

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