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Part Number: 101103
Dow Corning 3099 HVIC COMPOUND - 22.6 kg Pail
22.6 kg pail
Your Price: $882.47
Dow Corning 3099 HVIC COMPOUND - 22.6 kg Pail
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Dow Corning 3099 is a grease-like silicone coating especially formulated to give electrical insulators long-term resistance to water filming and flashover.

Key Properties

NLGI Grade 2-3, charcoal, used primarily as a high voltage insulator coating.


Protective coating for electrical insulators.

Features & Benefits

Formulated to extend service life by maximizing performance when in contact with high voltage corona stress, ultraviolet light, water erosion and particulate contamination. Includes arc-resistant filler that inhibits arc growth and protects insulators from glaze damage. High level of flashover resistance under conditions of high voltage stress after extended exposure to ultraviolet light.

Product Details

Product Type:Compound
NLGI Grade:3
Color:Gray Opaque

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