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Corrugator Krytox 226 FG Grease, 1.1 lb. jar
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Krytox™  PFPE/PTFE greases have become the corrugator industry standard for lubricating bearings on heated rolls in single facers and associated equipment. Krytox® lubricants help eliminate bearing lubrication as a cause of premature corrugator roll failures. Corrugator roll changes are significantly easier and quicker on single facers lubricated with Krytox grease.

Krytox greases for the corrugating industry include: Krytox  Corrugator 226 FG &227 FG greases, the standard in PFPE/ PTFE greases, recognized by OEM and operator alike as the premium performing high temperature grease. These products are NSF H-1 Food Grade certified, providing safe, non-toxic and inert performance in food related operations.

CHRISTO-LUBE MCG-132 Grease, 1 lb. Jar
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