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Applications & Product Examples

Common Applications Using Reclaimable FluidsCommon Brands of Reclaimable Fluids

Precision CleaningDuPont & Chemours Vertrel™ and Opteon™
Vapor Degreasing(Vertrel XF, MCA, SDG / Opteon SF10, SF79, etc.)
Vapor Phase Soldering
Reliability Testing3M™ Novec™ and Fluorinert™
Hermetic seal testing(PF-5060, FC-40, FC-43, FC-770, FC-3283, etc.)
Leak testing
Dielectric testingSolvay Galden® and Fomblin®
Thermal shock(HT-110, HT-200, Y-06/6, Y-14/6, Y-25/6, etc.)
Burn-in testing
Heat TransferHaloCarbon® HaloVac®
Vacuum Pump Oil(H-27, H-100, H-125, H-190)

Dow Corning® DC-704 and DC-705 or equivalent
(TMC 704, TMC 705, etc.)

LENIUM FHD Vapor Degreasing Solvent
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