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Krytox™ XHT - Extra High Temperature Lubricants
Krytox™ XHT (Extra High Temperature) lubricants are made from proprietary fluoropolymer base oils and high performance thickeners. As with all Krytox™ lubricants, these products provide excellent lubrication properties and are chemically inert, thermally stable, non-flammable, and non-volatile, making Krytox® oils and greases the most robust family of lubricants available. 

Krytox™ XHT greases are designed for applications in the 400-750° F temperature range for use in bearings, gears, chains, o-rings, sliding, and other high-temp. mechanical  components. These products are excellent for use in many harsh industrial applications and are currently used in Mining, Metal Processing, Power Generation, Textile, Aviation, Baking, and Chemical applications.


Krytox XHT grease vs. hydrocarbon grease exposed to high temperature

 Krytox™ XHT Takes the Heat Where Others Break Down

Conventional mineral oil lubricants begin to degrade quickly at temperatures above 200° F and most alternative synthetic technologies begin to degrade quickly at temperatures above 300° F. Conventional oils and thickeners break down to form tars and solids that cause bearings to freeze up. As a result, frequent re-lubrication is required and component life is sacrificed. 
Re-lubrication must occur more frequently as the temperature increases above 160° F. For every 20° F increase in temperature, the life of the grease is cut in half, which can mean that re-lubrication is required every few hours at extreme temperatures. If re-lubrication is missed for any reason, the equipment fails. Frequent re-lubrication, as well as frequent component outages, drive up maintenance materials and manpower cost, not to mention the substantial cost of lost production.
Re-circulating oil systems are often employed to remove component heat. These systems can require 50x the lubricant volume versus Krytox™ lubricant, resulting in housekeeping, disposal, and other environmental issues. A malfunction in the re-circulating oil system can very quickly result in component bearing failure.
Conventional lubricants are subject to oxidation, attack by harsh chemicals or solvents, flammability, and volatilization of the base oil, leading to failure of the lubrication system and the associated hazards. Conventional lubricant properties are often not adequate for critical systems where failure is not an option.


 Excellent Lubrication in Harsh Environments

Krytox™ lubricants provide excellent lubrication and low wear. They are totally chemically inert, thermally stable, non-flammable, and non-volatile, making them ideal for the harshest environments. Krytox™ high temperature greases are designed, manufactured, and formulated to excel in the 400-750° F temperature range. 

Krytox™ base oils are manufactured within the Chemours Co. fluoropolymer supply chain as a derivative of Teflon®. Chemours is the largest producer of fluoropolymers in the world, and a leader in fluoropolymer and fluorine technology. Krytox™ polymer chains are completely saturated and contain only carbon, oxygen, and fluorine. Hydrogen is not present. The result is a very robust oil with excellent lubrication properties.


Krytox® XHT for Extreme Heat Applications

Product Datasheet

Krytox™ XHT lubricants are composed of high viscosity, high stability, low volatility base oils and non-melting high temperature thickeners. These products have a very high Viscosity Index and provide a thick lubricating film even at temperature extremes to 750° F. Special non-melting and bonding thickeners insure delivery of the base oil for lubrication, even at these high temperatures.


Krytox™ XHT Application Examples

As shown in the examples below, Krytox high temperature greases provide solutions for a variety of applications.

  • Krytox™ XHT-AC grease was recently applied in a line of Copper Rod Mill sizing bearings. These bearings run at temperatures of 400-500° F. Before Krytox™, a standard Lithium thickened mineral oil was applied daily, and bearing life was typically 1-2 weeks. Since Krytox™ XHT-AC grease was applied, bearings have been running for over six months with no failures. The bearings were inspected and relubricated after four months and look to be in excellent condition. Using Krytox™ high temperature grease has resulted in substantial savings in man hours, as well as bearing replacement cost, and resulted in a significant increase in uptime.
  • Krytox™ XHT-BDX was applied to dampers in a power plant fired boiler that control a 700° F air stream. Graphite had been used previously, resulting in damper sticking and loss of control. Krytox™ XHT-BDX was installed and the dampers have been operating trouble free since that time.
  • Krytox™ XHT-AC has been in use for 18 months in a waffle baking oven bearing application at temperatures from 500-600° F. 
  • Krytox™ XHT-BDX is being used as an O-ring lubricant for an aircraft environmental control system. This system diverts engine exhaust to the wings for de-icing purposes. No other lubricant could withstand the 600° F temperatures on the engine exhaust.

Xcel Energy Black Dog Plant case study

Krytox™ XHT - The Lubricant for Extreme Temperature Applications

Krytox™ XHT lubricants are ideal for your high temperature lubrication applications. Besides the ability to work in harsh environments and high temperatures, Krytox XHT lubricants provide cost savings in reduced maintenance cycles and down time.

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