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Vacuum Pump Oil Reclamation

Vacuum Pump Oil Reclamation Services
Clean vacuum pump oil is one of the most important factors to ensuring good performance and long life of vacuum pumps. Running contaminated oil or improperly reclaimed oil can damage your pump. Some reclamation processes consist only of particle filtration, acid neutralization, and simple distillation.

At TMC Industries Inc. we extract hydrocarbon and other contaminants, neutralize the oils, molecularily distill and fractionate the oils if necessary to separate different viscosities and final filter and dry the oils before packaging so that you receive reclaimed oils as good if not better than the original fluid. 

CMS-36 Molecular Stills used for reclamation

Vacuum Pump Fluids:
PFPE vacuum pump fluids such as Krytox® and Fomblin® are used in applications where conventional vacuum pump oils cause safety, waste disposal, and maintenance problems. They are nonflammable and eliminate the chance of fire in pumps and are non-reactive and safe in oxygen systems, providing a high degree of safety. These fluids are compatible and miscible with other competitive PFPE fluids as well as other non-PFPE types of vacuum fluids. PFPE vacuum fluids can be reclaimed many times.

TMC’s oil reclamation process safely recovers all inert and semi-inert vacuum pump fluids, diffusion pump fluids, oils and many other fluids.

Call us to save money on the reclamation of your PFPE, silicones, HaloVac (CTFE) and other pump oils.


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