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DuPont Krytox® Grease for Control Valve


DuPont Krytox® grease meets the need for continuous lubrication cycle!

Valve with Krytox








Krytox® is used in all types of valves to lubricate moving parts, seal connections and packings.  Krytox® allows valve packings to expand and contract without binding thus reducing leakage around the stem.

Based on DuPont™ Teflon technology, Krytox® lubricants have demonstrated broad applicability replacing countless purpose-formulated specialty lubricants throughout industry with properties like:

  • Robust resistance to change in properties over time in the face of extreme environmental conditions such as shock, chemical environments, including fuels and oxidizers; and intense radiation exposure.
  • Resistance to vaporization losses in deep vacuum such as high altitude flight, orbit and outer space.
  • Excellent frictional properties for extended wear and low energy consumption.
  • Compatible with metals, elastomers, plastics, paints and finishes.

Krytox® Aerospace Grades
240 Series                                                              -90°F to 550°F
DuPont Krytox® PFPE-based grease formulations were developed jointly with the US Navy and Air Force, resulting in military specification MIL-G-27617, which was issued specifically to cover Krytox. 

Krytox® Standard Commercial Grades
GPL 200 Series                                                     -90°F to 550°F
Produced as a derivative of DuPont Teflon, these fluoropolymer lubricants exhibit exceptional thermal stability and lubricity.  Contains no additives. 

Krytox® Anticorrosion Grades
GPL-200 and XP Series                                      -90°F to 550°F
Contain additives to regtard corrosion for wet applications.  DuPont's patented XP additive provides outstanding corrosion and Extreme Pressure protection. 

Krytox® Food Grades
Series                                                                  -90°F to 550°Chemically and Biologically inert, most Krytox® grades have an Hp-2 rating.  The FG series hoever, is H-1 rated and conforms fully to USDA standards for designated uses in food processing plants.

Krytox® Electronic Grades
EG and LVP Series                                                -90°F to 550°F
The EG series is a Semiconductor grade used in cleanrooms, while Krytox® LVP high vacuum grease is used as a sealant or lubricant in vacuum systems at pressures down to 10 Torr -13.

Krytox® High Temperature Grades
XHT Series                                                           -500°F to 750°F
Outstanding thermal stability and non-oxidizing characteristics.  Use XHT where temperatures routinely exceed 500°F.