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Krytox GPL General Purpose Lubricants
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Krytox™ XHT High Temperature Lubricants
Krytox™ XP Extreme Pressure Lubricants
Krytox™ Food Grade Lubricants 
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Oil Electrical Properties

Dielectric Breakdown Voltage, ASTM 0877, kV/0.1 in

Specific Resistively,
ASTM 0257, ohm.cm
0.6--4.0 x 10 14
Dielectric Constant,
ASTM 0150 at 102-105 Hz
Dielectric Constant,
ASTM 0924 at 60 Hz, 25°C (77°F)
Dissipation Factor,
ASTM 0150, % at 102-105 Hz
3.0--7.0 x 10 -3
Volume Resistivity,
ASTM 01169, 25°C (77°F), 500 V, ohm.cm
2.3--550 x 10 12

Use of Krytox® can help the environment. The original properties of the fluids can be restored through reclamation, so it does not need to be disposed of or incinerated. TMC Industries has a reclamation process that reclaims used fluid and recovers the fluid from used filter elements. This lowers the cost of the fluids and eliminates safety and environmental disposal problems.

This process removes contamination and renews the fluid to new fluid performance. Used in valve packing, Krytox® reduces emissions from stems. Using Krytox® greases and oils eliminates the need for hydrocarbon lubricants and their potential environmental impact. They last longer, so less lubricant is needed. Additionally, they are nontoxic and do not release volatile organic compounds to the atmosphere.


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