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Oxygen Compatibility of Krytox® Lubricants

Test Type Temperature,
°C (°F)
Oxygen Pressure, MPa (psi) Impact Energy,
J (ft-lb)
Test Result
Ignition in gaseous oxygen 1 400 (752) 13 (1,886) -- No Ignition
Pressure drop in gaseous oxygen bomb 2 99 (210) 0.7 (100) -- No Pressure Drop after 600 hr
Mechanical impact in liquid oxygen Ambient -- 98 (72) No reaction in
20 trails 3,4, 5
Mechanical impact in liquid oxygen Ambient -- 122 (90) No reaction in
20 trails 1
Mechanical impact in liquid oxygen Ambient -- 736 (543) No reaction in
20 trails 6
          1 British Specification 3100.
          2 American Society for Testing and Materials 0942.
          3 Marshall Space Flight Center Specification 106B.
          4 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Handbook, 8060.1B, Test 13, Part 1.
          5 American Society for Testing and Materials 02512.
          6 West German Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM), 8104-411.

-- Viscosity Units
Viscosity is a measure of a fluid's resistance to flow when subjected to external forces. Viscosity expressed in this brochure is kinematic viscositythe ratio of dynamic or absolute viscosity to density-at the same temperatures. Kinematic viscosity is the value usually measured, but is easily converted to dynamic viscosity as follows:

centistoke x density = centipoise cSt x glcc = cP


Because of the high density of Krytox® fluids, the dynamic viscosity is almost double the kinematic.

Grease Viscosity
Typically, greases are compared based on the viscosity of their base oil. Because greases are thickened, they have a viscosity that is much higher than the base oil. The grease viscosity is affected by temperature, hardness grades, and base oil viscosity. Values for Krytox® GPL 205 are about 9000 cSt at 25°e (77°P) and 6000 cSt at lOOoe (212°P). The viscosity varies with shear rate.

Speed Factor
The speed factor (DN) indicates the permissible speed range for a grease in a rolling bearing. The DN value is the inner race ID in mm x rpm. DN values of 100,000-400,000 and higher have been achieved at temperatures of 204-260°C (400- 5000P) in actual field service using Krytox® greases.

The speed factor is affected by the base oil type, in addition to viscosity and thickener type, and is a measure of the lubricant's internal friction. The limiting speed for grease-lubricated rolling bearings is dependent on the type of bearing, its load, speed, precision, and lubrication system.

Electrical Properties
Krytox® oils are good insulators. The electrical properties of additive-free Krytox® greases approach those of the oils; however, incorporation of some additives may significantly alter these values. In fact, the conductivity of the grease may be increased, if desired, by incorporating a conductive additive, such as powdered copper metal.

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