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Krytox GPL General Purpose Lubricants
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Krytox™ XHT High Temperature Lubricants
Krytox™ XP Extreme Pressure Lubricants
Krytox™ Food Grade Lubricants 
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Krytox® Extreme Pressure Properties: Timken EP Method -- ASTM D2509

  OK Load Score Load Score Load at OK Load
GPL214 30lb 40lb 1.271 mm
GPL215 30lb 40lb 1.507 mm
GPL225 50lb 60lb 1.109 mm
GPL295 60lb 70lb 1.125 mm


The OK load is the maximum load added to the system at which no scoring or seizure occurs. This load reflects the load carrying capability of the lubricants. The score load is the minimum load added to the system at which scoring or seizure occurs. The scar width is the average scar width at the load corresponding to the OK load valve.

Relative Performance

Many synthetic lubricants show excellent performance in one or more categories, but only Krytox® combines stability, nonflammability, and chemical inertness with outstanding lubrication performance under a variety of conditions. The table above compares the relative performance of a variety of lubricants.


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