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Ball Bearing Grease Performance Tests

Test Conditions 240AB 240AC 283AC GPL225
10,000 rpm, 204°C (400°F) -- >500hr -- >500hr
10,000 rpm, 260°C (500°F)
>750 hr
20,000 rpm, 204°C (400°F) >500 hr -- -- --

Bearings that are converted from oil to grease lubrication generally run hotter internally, because grease does not remove heat as does circulating oil. This higher temperature gradient causes the bearing to expand more and can lead to failure if the bearing does not have adequate internal clearance. Depending on the type of equipment and operating conditions, a bearing with a larger internal clearance might be needed. The bearing or equipment manufacturer should be consulted before converting equipment from oil to grease.

Anticorrosion Lubricants
Additives are combined with Krytox® to enhance its ability to protect metallic surfaces from corrosion caused by moisture and oxygen.

Antiwear Greases
Krytox® greases containing anti wear additives have properties that give high specific load carrying capacity and the highest protection against wear.

Soft/Fluid Greases
These soft or fluid greases have free-flowing characteristics. They belong to NLGI penetration classes 0-000 and are often used for lubrication of sealed gear drives.

Extreme Pressure (EP) Greases These heavy-duty greases are used for high loading or slow speeds. EP greases have high load carrying capability and good characteristics under boundary and mixed friction conditions. Krytox® is a naturally good EP lubricant, but additional high pressure additives can be included in the grease.

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