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Krytox GPL General Purpose Lubricants
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Krytox™ XHT High Temperature Lubricants
Krytox™ XP Extreme Pressure Lubricants
Krytox™ Food Grade Lubricants 
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Krytox® Life, Cost, and Reliability

Application Typical
Hydrocarbon Lubricant
Electric Motor 227°C (440°F), 1,750 rpm 5 days 9 months
Heated Rolls 199°C (390°F), 5,000 rpm 8 months 24 months
Textile Roll 225°C (437°F), 5,400 rpm 1 month 24 months
Pressure Relief Valves 50% failures Less than 1% failures
Paper Corrugating Machine $144,000 $3,000
Krytox life span


Should I use an oil or a grease?

The functions of lubricants in antifriction bearings are to provide a film of lubricant between rolling elements, races, and separators and to reduce friction, heat, and wear. They also provide protection against corrosion and remove heat. Sealed greased bearings keep dirt out, and oil lubricated systems flush dirt out of the bearing as the oil passes through.

Oils and greases are used over a wide range of speeds and operating temperatures. Selection for a given application is determined by evaluating the bearing housing arrangement, operating temperatures, contamination hazard, bearing type, and load.

Grease is recommended when:

  • Simple housings and seals are used that are not designed to retain oil or seal out contaminants.
  • Protection is required from dirt, dust, water, fumes, or other contaminants.
  • Long intervals between relubrication are required.
  • Lubricant contamination of the product must be avoided.

Oil is recommended when:

  • The operating temperature is consistently high, and oil flow is needed to remove heat.
  • Dirt conditions are not excessive, and oil tight reservoirs and seals can be used.
  • It is desired to remove debris from the system using the oil and filter it out with an exterior

Krytox® oils are available in a variety of viscosities. Depending on the specific grade, service temperatures range from -70° to 340°C (-94° to 655°F).


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