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TMC Industries carries a wide range of new and reclaimed fluorinated fluids for a variety of applications. We also do custom blends for specific application needs. Availability of reclaimed product does vary from time to time, so call or contact us to determine if we have the right fluid on hand for your application.

These fluids have a broad range of properties and meet government SNAP approval for ozone depletion and global warming. Among the many applications for these fluids are:

Carrier fluids - Widely use as replacements for PFC's in carrier fluid / lubricant deposition applications, especially in the hard disk drive and medical device industries:

  • Medical parts coating
  • Hard disk drive coatings and lubricants
  • Dry lubrication
  • Lubrication with Krytox oil
  • Automotive anti-squeak
  • Conformal coating     
    • Oil barrier
    • Flux barrier
    • Moisture barrier
    • Acid barrier

Cleaning and Drying - Developed with both performance and the environment in mind, these fluids are used for a wide variety of cleaning applications. Their properties lend to being an excellent drying solution after aqueous cleaning, eliminating the problems that commonly occur with oven drying, hot air knife drying or tumble drying. 

  • Optics
  • Electronic components
  • Medical components
  • Optical disks
  • Hard disk drives

Heat Transfer -  Used in heat transfer applications, they offer a convenient and affordable solution to meet the complex challenges of heat management applications. Their low boiling point and thermal stability guarantee continued effectiveness over several boiling cycles.

  • Ion implanters
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Computers

Testing - As a testing fluid, they can be used for a wide range of applications, including fingerprint extraction, waste water analysis and virus extraction.  The properties that make it ideal for these kinds of applications are its materials compatibility, non-flammability, fast evaporation and good solubility of deposition fluids. 


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