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Oil & Solvent Reclamation Services
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Vacuum Pump Oil Reclamation
Oil & Solvent Reclamation Services

Centrifugal Molecular Distillation Stills      
Our Processes:
TMC Industries uses both Centrifugal Molecular Stills (CMS) and Packed Column Stills. With CMS, the thin-film, short-path, high-vacuum technology, we can restore contaminated vacuum fluids to their original state with exceptionally high yields. Using packed column technology, TMC can purify many fluorocarbon solvents by removing contamination and restoring them to their original high purity. Inert and semi-inert fluids can be reclaimed many times without affecting their performance capabilities.
Why Reclaim oils and solvents?

  • Our reclaim service provides a significant savings over the cost of new fluid and helps protect the environment by drastically reducing the amount of your waste stream. 
  • Reclamation restores inert PFPE and silicone fluids to their original state at about one third the cost of new.
  • Reclaim and reuse fluids many times to gain greater cost efficiencies. Under most conditions you can expect 90% of the contaminated fluid returned to like new quality.
  • Reduce your hazardous waste disposal and achieve better environmental stewardship. TMC Industries properly disposes of the contaminants.
  • Combined with your preventative maintenance program, using reclaimed fluids can decrease down-time on equipment & significantly reduce your MRO cost.

What Oils, Solvents and
Specialty Fluids Can be Reclaimed?

Our oil reclamation process safely recovers all inert and semi-inert vacuum pump fluids, diffusion pump fluids, oils and many other fluids including:   

  • PFPE oils – Krytox® & Fomblin®
  • CTFE oils – HaloVac® H190, H125, H100, & H27
  • Perfluorocarbons specialty fluids –
    3M™ PF5050, PF5060, PF5070, PF5080
  • 3M™ Fluorinerts – All FC Fluids
  • Fluorocarbon Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Silicone Pump Oils – Dow Corning® 
    DC-702, DC-704, & DC-705 and equivalents  

  • Convoil 20 oil  

No hazardous waste materials are accepted.

Quality Assurances:
We guarantee our reclaimed oils and reclaimed solvents to have like new qualities and performance capabilities. To support our confidence, pre- and post-processing inspection data accompanies each shipment.

Save On Disposal Cost:
Reduce your hazardous waste disposal. Have TMC Industries reclaim your contaminated fluids to their orignal state and purity and return them to you at about 1/3 the cost of replacing them with new fluids.

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