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Krytox® Vacuum Pump Fluid

A synthetic perfluoropolyether (PFPE) mechanical vacuum pump fluid which is the product of choice where complete non-flammability, oxygen compatibility and resistance to aggressive chemicals are requirements.

Low vapor pressures and its ability to be reclaimed make this an excellent choice for plasma, CVD and other semiconductor operations. These synthetic lubricants provide superior performance and extended life as lubricants and sealants in:

  • Vacuum pumps where safety is critical
  • Hostile environments where semiconductor process chemicals can attack most other lubricants
  • Vacuum system valves, seals, bearings, and connectors where low vapor pressure, outgassing, and contamination are intolerable

Krytox® VPF Technical Datasheet


Vacuum Pump Fluids

Krytox® vacuum pump fluids are used in applications where conventional vacuum pump oils cause safety, waste disposal, and maintenance problems. They are nonflammable and eliminate the chance of fire in pumps. They are nonreactive and safe in oxygen systems, providing a high degree of safety.

They are compatible and miscible with other competitive PFPE fluids as well as other non-PFPE types of vacuum fluids. Krytox® vacuum fluids do not contain acetal groups, which are susceptible to attack by Lewis acids. This gives Krytox® vacuum pump fluid superior stability to other PFPE fluids. Krytox® vacuum fluids are precisely distilled to provide low vapor pressures and give superior performance. Krytox® vacuum pump fluids meet or exceed the warranty requirements of all major pump manufacturers.

Krytox® LVP High Vacuum Grease

Made with Krytox® low vapor pressure oils, Krytox® LVP High Vacuum Grease is an excellent choice for lubricants or sealants used in all vacuum environments, especially when access for repair or replacement is difficult or impossible. Applications include use as a sealant for glassware connections, thread lubricant, bearings, O-rings, and conveyor chain lubricant, as well as an excellent sealant and lubricant for stopcocks and flanges.

Krytox® LVP Grease Technical Datasheet

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