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Krytox GPL General Purpose Lubricants
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Krytox™ XHT High Temperature Lubricants
Krytox™ XP Extreme Pressure Lubricants
Krytox™ Food Grade Lubricants 
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Krytox™ Applications 

Krytox™ lubricants were developed to provide the best protection for bearings, valves, and other components in high-temperature service, up to 343°C (650°F). It is cost-effective across a wide range of applications due to its long service life. A few of the many uses include:


All bearings, valves and seals, pulp and paper machine bearings, aluminum can manufacturing bearings, vacuum sputtering machines, welding machines, gear oil, linear bearing lubricant, high temperature fans, clean rooms, chlorine service, acid service, textile equipment, tenter frames, high speed motors, instrument bearings, sealed for life motors, conveyor system in glass and aluminum plants, textile calendar roll bearings, brick kiln car bearings, and film blowing machines, lubricant for valve stem packing, relief valve lubricant, O-ring lubricant, steam turbine control valves, and low emissions valve stem packing lubricant.

Corrugator Industry

High-Temperature Anticorrosion greases are the standard lubricant for grease lubricated high temperature bearings in corrugator service.  They provide protection from rusting, high temperature corrosion, and wear while maintaining excellent lubricity over a broad temperature range.  Corrugator Krytox FG226 & FG227 greases are nonflammable, chemically inert, and provide for significantly easier cleanup at roll change versus most other lubricants.  Krytox greases allows extended lubrication intervals and longer equipment life.  Although normally provided in an NLGI Grade #2, other grades are available upon request.  Typical applications include preconditioner rolls, single facers and double backers.   


Fuel resistant grease, oxygen compatible grease, ventilation fan bearing grease, cruise missle rear main bearing lubricant, starter bearing grease, emergency generator bearing grease, missile launch platform gear lubricant, space shuttle lubricant, and sealant.


Vacuum pump fluid for corrosive and hazardous service, bearing grease for chemical pumps, O-ring lubricant, and barrier fluid between double mechanical seals.


Submerged sump pump bearings, containment cooling fans, snubbers, and control rod drive mechanism fan motors.


Anti-seize lubricant, bolt thread lubricant, water purifier lubricant, self-contained breathing apparatus lubricant, cryogenic lubricant, vacuum system sealant, drive chains, copier and laser printer fuser lubricant, geothermal system grease, mold release agent, fishing reel grease, industrial toast making oven conveyor bearings, windmill gearboxes, glove curling conveyor, and most any moving or sliding surface.






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