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Oil & Solvent Reclamation Services
Reclamation Examples by Application
Reclamation Examples by Products
Vacuum Pump Oil Reclamation

Reclamation Applications & Examples

  • Our reclaim service provides a significant savings over the cost of new fluid and helps protect the environment by drastically reducing the amount of your waste stream. 
  • Reclamation restores inert PFPE and silicone fluids to their original state at about one third the cost of new.
  • Reclaim and reuse fluids many times to gain greater cost efficiencies. Under most conditions you can expect 90% of the contaminated fluid returned to like new quality.
  • Reduce your hazardous waste disposal. TMC Industries properly disposes of the contaminants.
  • Combined with your preventative maintenance program, using reclaimed fluids can decrease downtime on equipment & significantly reduce your MRO cost.

Reclaimable Solvents and Oils


Product Examples

Precision Cleaning


Novec™, PF-5060, PF-5070, PF-5080


Heat Transfer


Novec™, PF-5060, PF-5070, PF-5080


Sleeve Testing

Novec™, PF-5060, PF-5070, PF-5080


Leak Testing
Fluorinert™ FC-40, FC-72


Vapor Phase Soldering
Fluorinert™ FC-43, FC-70, FC-77, FC-84, FC-5312

Vacuum Pump Fluids

Krytox™ 1506, 1514 and 1525

Halovac™ H27, H-100, H125, H-190 and H-400  

Fomblin™ Y-06/6, Y-14/6, Y-25/6


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