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DuPont™ Dry Film Lubricants

What is Dry Film Lubricant?

Dispersion products which are formulations of ultra-low molecular weight PTFE particles manufactured as dispersions in various solvents, including water. DuPont™ Dry Film dispersions exhibit outstanding lubricity, an extremely low coefficient of friction and provide durable anti-stick properties when applied to a variety of surface types. 

They are clean, dry, non-oily, non-staining, and chemically inert, and withstand hostile environments from cryogenic to 500°F (260°C). 

As products that can be dipped, wiped, brushed, air-sprayed, airless-sprayed, or aerosol-sprayed. DuPont™ Dry film lubricants accommodate almost as many methods of application as the end-use industries they serve. 

Used as a dry film lubricant, it reduces friction on everything from zippers to electrical connectors - where ever you want to reduce abrasion and extend product life. 

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These lubricants also act as superior release agents in the molding of rubber, epoxies, plastics, elastomers, and laminates. Whether used as air-dried coatings or heat fused to the mold, just one application of the Dry Milm lubricant can provide many cost-effective releases, without affecting the product being molded or the mold itself.

DuPont™ Dry Film Lubricant is also utilized as an additive to enhance the properties of oils and greases, inks, paints, and coatings. No matter what your application, DuPont™ Dry Film Lubricants can improve performance in the one environment that's the most aggressive and hostile of all: The competitive marketplace.

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