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Dry Film Lubricants

What is Dry Film Lubricant?

Dispersion products which are formulations of ultra-low molecular weight PTFE particles manufactured as dispersions in various solvents, including water. Dry Film dispersions from The Chemours Company exhibit outstanding lubricity, an extremely low coefficient of friction and provide durable anti-stick properties when applied to a variety of surface types. 

They are clean, dry, non-oily, non-staining, and chemically inert, and withstand hostile environments from cryogenic to 500°F (260°C). 

As products that can be dipped, wiped, brushed, air-sprayed, airless-sprayed, or aerosol-sprayed. These Dry film lubricants accommodate almost as many methods of application as the end-use industries they serve. 

Used as a dry film lubricant, it reduces friction on everything from zippers to electrical connectors - where ever you want to reduce abrasion and extend product life. 


These lubricants also act as superior release agents in the molding of rubber, epoxies, plastics, elastomers, and laminates. Whether used as air-dried coatings or heat fused to the mold, just one application of the Dry Milm lubricant can provide many cost-effective releases, without affecting the product being molded or the mold itself.

Chemours Dry Film Lubricant is also utilized as an additive to enhance the properties of oils and greases, inks, paints, and coatings. No matter what your application, it can improve performance in the one environment that's the most aggressive and hostile of all: The competitive marketplace.

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