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Distillation Applications

Why TMC Industries Centrifugal Molecular Distillation?

  • Adds value to your product
  • Pilot R&D distillation
  • Production distillation to 2500 lbs/hr
  • 200-5000 molecular weight
  • Heat sensitive & high boilers
  • Create zero trans fatty acids
  • Concentrate flavors
  • Remove odors, colors

Applications of Centrifugal Molecular Stills (CMS)
Material Objective Results
Omega 3 Concentrate, purify, deodorize Concentrate to 50+%
Citrus Residues Remove oil from wax 90+% oil recovery
Esters, Fatty Acids Separate mono - from polyesters Up to 90+% purity
Specialty Chemicals   Remove color   Color to <2 Gardner  
  Remove odor Odorless 
Aromatic hydrocarbon chlorinated  95-99% recovery  95% purity 
Polymers  Remove low molecular weights   
Flavors/Fragrances  Concentrate flavor/fragrances   

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