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Let TMC Industries help you with the R&D of your heat-sensitive materials. We offer a FREE trial evaluation on all new projects by molecular distillation.

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May 4-6, 2014

Production CMS Distillation
Macro-36 Centrifugal Molecular Stills at TMC Industries, Inc.

Macro-36 Centrifugal Molecular Stills

Following an initial pilot process, production is scaled up using our Macro-36 centrifugal molecular stills (CMS). These are short-path, thin-film stills, each capable of distilling up to 400 lbs./hr. Using a 7 square foot evaporating surface and achieving a vacuum of 5-10 microns, they give us the following advantages over conventional processing:

  • Efficient production process with high yeilds
  • Low temperature distillation minimizing thermal degradation
  • Removal of color bodies
  • Removal of odor fractions
  • Reduction of acid values in ester distillation
  • Removal of reactant components to improve shelf life
  • Quick turnaround from TMC Industries
  • Low cost - No capital outlay
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