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Separation Technology

TMC uses both Centrifugal Molecular Stills (CMS) and Packed Column Stills. 

Our CMS technology uses a short-path, thin-film process that operates under a medium to high vacuum. It allows for lower distillation temperatures, thus a gentler process. There is also a short residence time which protects against thermal degradation. The flexibility of the equipment allows for the ability to distill high molecular weights up to 5000+ on a pilot and production scale.

Pilot-15 Centrifugal Molecular Still Schematic 

  1. Backing/Roughing Vacuum Pump (Chamber) 
  2 .Diffusion ( High Vacuum) 
  3. Rough Vacuum Pump ( Degasser) 
  4. Trap (Degasser) 
  5. Trap (Chamber) 
  6, Liquid Transfer Pump 
  7. Check Valve 
  8. Degasser Heater 
  9. Rotor Heater 
10. Vacuum Chamber w/Condenser 
11. Rotor 
12. Variable Speed Liquid Transfer Pump 
  P. Vacuum Pressure Gauge

Our medium vacuum, packed column still technology allows for multiple plate distillation using up to 60 theoretical plates. This process is best suited for fractionation of similar boiling point organic chemicals. It uses a medium vacuum to .5 mm, making for very exacting cuts.

A gas chromatographic is used for quality control when permitting on distillation jobs. The GC provides comparison data against your standards to ensure the process and finished product is of top quality.


   CMS Technology    Gentle process prevents degradation of your materials.
   No Capital Outlay    You don’t have to tie up existing equipment or purchase new equipment.
   Experience    TMC has been doing toll distillation since 1982.
   Education    TMC has highly skilled chemical engineers and processors.
   Confidentiality    TMC works under a confidential relationship.
   Custom Applications    Our distillation experts work with you in developing special processes of your     materials in a timely fashion.
   Cost Effective    TMC's pricing and quick turn-around make it easier for you to make money.
   Capacity    TMC's 30,000 sq. ft. facility can handle volume production.
    Certifications    TMC is GMP and Kosher certified

Call us today to talk with one of our tolling specialists and learn more about how our distillation services and capabilities can refine, purify and add value to your products - 800-772-8179 / 952-442-1140.


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