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DuPont™ Performance Lubricants

DuPont Performance Multi-Use Lubricant

11 oz Aerosol Spray

Multi-Use Lubricant with Teflon® fluoropolymer

The Clean Lube - No Oily Film!

DuPont™ Performance "Multi-Use" is a water repelling, three dimensional lubricant utilizing advanced DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer, organic molybdenum, and a polymerized wax structure. Goes on wet to deeply penetrate and loosen frozen or rusted parts. Sets up with a clean, dry, long-lasting film which will not attract and absorb dirt and grime. Features patented "self-cleaning" technology, so parts stay clean, work better and last longer.

Use On Any Moving Part

DuPont™ Performance "Multi-Use" is an all-surface, all condition lubricant. Use on: Chains, Threaded Parts, Hinges, Locks, Latches, and Springs. Rusted Bolts, Sliding Tracks, Wheels, Pivots, Cams and Pulleys. Pipe Fittings, Shafts, Wet Wires, Zippers, Rollers, and Linkages. From a frozen bolt to a rusted chain, from sticky windows and door tracks, to a squeaking hinge, DuPont™ "Multi-Use" will exceed your highest expectations.

DuPont™ Teflon® Pure Silicone Lubricant
14 oz Aerosol
12 Units/Carton

Pure Silicone Lubricant with PTFE

Ideal for Rubber, Plastic & Wood!

DuPont™ Performance Pure Silicone Lubricant is specially formulated with DuPont™ PTFE to ensure optimum lubricity on both metal and non-metal surfaces. Its clean, non-corrosive film is ideal for materials that may be damaged by conventional petroleum lubricants.

Performance Lubricant Will:

  • Eliminate squeaking and binding in locks, hinges, windows, treadmills, fan belts, etc.
  • Waterproof, protect and preserve rubber, plastic, leather, metal and wood.
  • Reduce friction in extreme temperatures and conditions (-40°F to 400°F).
  • Great for heat sealers and mold releases.
  • Protect o-rings, fishing gear, tools, etc. from salt, chlorine and corrosives.
  • Prevent rust and corrosion on steel, aluminum, chrome, etc.
  • Prevent snow sticking and icy build-ups

DuPont™ Teflon® Non-Stick Dry-Film Lubricant
14 oz Aerosol
12 Units/Carton

This unique dry-film lubricant leaves a long-lasting, micro-thin, pure DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer coating that repels dirt, resists corrosion, and reduces friction and squeaks. It’s also excellent for high-temperature applications.

  • Goes on wet to penetrate, then sets up with a clean, dry, micro-thin coating
  • Film bonds to most surfaces
  • Lubricates parts to reduce sticking and squeaking
  • Thin coating is excellent for tight tolerances and sliding tracks
  • Helps materials resist chemical contaminants or water
  • Acts as a protective coating for metal, plastic and rubber
  • After solvent evaporates, the remaining lubricating film is non-flammable

  • Use on surfaces requiring a dry, non-oily, non-staining and silicone-free film
  • Perfect for tight-tolerance applications where a microfilm lubricant is needed
  • Woodworking and trade tools
  • Chains, gears, cables, bearings, valves, shafts, tracks and slides
  • Hinges, locks, fasteners, sliding surfaces, sealers, blades and bulb threads
  • Electrical switches and connectors
  • Mowers, garden equipment, snowblowers, gaskets, seals, rollers, plastic gears, sleeves, ropes, drive belts and bushings
  • Outdoor power equipment, fishing, cycling, sailing and marine
  • Cutting blades, drill bits, saws
  • Gaskets, seals, rollers, plastic gears, sleeves, drive belts and bushings


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