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Part Number: 95017
PerfluoroOctane FC-77 - Reclaimed by TMC, lb.
Reclaimed PerfluoroOctane FC-77
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PerfluoroOctane FC-77 - Reclaimed by TMC, lb.
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 FC-77 is a thermally stable, fully-fluorinated liquid that has long been used as a heat transfer fluid in a variety of industries. 

The inertness of Fluorinert liquid FC-77 permits its use as a direct contact single and two-phase coolant in supercomputers and sensitive military electronics. Its high dielectric strength and electrical resistivity are ideal for applications in high voltage transformers and power electronics. 

In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, its wide liquid range makes Fluorinert liquid FC-77 ideal for cooling ion implanters, dry etchers and CVD machines. Its low pour point also permits its use in thermal shock and test equipment. 

This is reclaimed product sold in 1 gallon containers. 

Typical Physical Properties Properties - TMC FC-77 Reclaimed Fluid

Physical Properties

Appearance  Clear, colorless
Average Molecular Weight416
 Boiling Point  97 Degree C
 Boiling Point Range  50-100 Degree C
 Brand  Fluorinert
 Density  1.780 g/cm³
Viscosity0.72 centistokes

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