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Part Number: 35945
Krytox  XHT-S Grease, 2 oz. tube
Krytox XHT-S Grease, 2 oz. tube
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Krytox XHT-S Grease, 2 oz. tube
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Krytox XHT (Extra High Temperature) lubricants are made from DuPont's proprietary fluoropolymer base oils and high performance thickeners. As with all Krytox lubricants, these products provide excellent lubrication properties and are chemically inert, thermally stable, non-flammable, and non-volatile, making Krytox oils and greases the most robust family of lubricants available.

Krytox XHT greases are designed for applications in the 400-750° F temperature range for use in bearings, gears, chains, o-rings, sliding, and other high-temp. mechanical components. These products are excellent for use in many harsh industrial applications and are currently used in Mining, Metal Processing, Power Generation, Textile, Aviation, Baking, and Chemical applications.

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