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Part Number: 95009
FC-70 - Reclaimed by TMC, Bulk sold by the lb.
Reclaimed FC-70
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FC-70 - Reclaimed by TMC, 1 lb.
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FC-70 is a clear, colorless, fully-fluorinated liquid that is thermally and chemically stable, compatible with sensitive materials, nonflammable, practically nontoxic and leaves essentially no residue upon evaporation. This unique combination of properties makes FC-70 ideal for many electronics applications, including vapor phase soldering and thermal management.

An ideal fluid for use in condensation reflow soldering, the saturated vapor generated from boiling liquid FC-70 is very dense and easily contained. The elimination of oxygen allows for use of mild flux compounds, simplifying the cleaning of finished circuit boards.

Other uses for FC-70 include heat transfer, electronics testing and inert reaction media.

This is reclaimed product sold by the pound (lb.).

Typical Physical Properties Properties - TMC FC-70 Reclaimed Fluid



Boiling Point 215 Degree C
Boiling Point Range 50-100 Degree C
Vapor Pressure15 Pascals
Density 1940 kg/m³
Dielectric Strength 40 kV (0.1" gap)
Dielectric Constant 1.98
Water Solubility 8 ppmw
Kinematic Viscosity 12 centistokes
Absolute Viscosity 24 centipoise
Surface Tension 18 dynes/cm
Pour Point -25 Degree C


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