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Part Number: 95002
FC-43 - Reclaimed by TMC, Bulk sold by the lb.
Reclaimed FC-43
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FC-43 - Reclaimed by TMC, 1 lb.
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FC-43 is a non-conductive, thermally and chemically stable liquid ideal for many single phase heat transfer fluid applications, especially in the electronics and semiconductor industry for testers, CVD and TFT manufacturing.

This is reclaimed product sold by the pound (lb.). 

Typical Physical Properties Properties - TMC FC-43 Reclaimed Fluid


 Application Category  Electronic Testing ,  Heat Transfer
 Applications  Heat Transfer Fluid ,  Thermal Shock Testing ,  Semiconductor Cooling ,  Dielectric Fluid ,  Gross Leak Testing
 Boiling Point  174 Degree C
 Boiling Point Range  150-175 Degree C
 Pour Point -50 Degree C
 Density  1.86 g/cm³
 Dielectric Strength  >40 (0.1" gap, kV)
 Dielectric Strength Range  >35 kV
 Fluorocarbon Solubility  Very High
 GWP (IPCC 2007)  >5000 (100 yr ITH)
 GWP Range  High
 Hydrocarbon Solubility  Low
 Max Use Temp Range  <250 Degree C
 Plastic Elastomer Compatibility  Excellent
 Pour Point  - 50 Degree C

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