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Part Number: 39604
Essential ATA Grease, 2 oz. tube
Essential AT Grease, 2 oz. tube
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Essential ATA Grease, 2 oz. tube
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Essential AT and ATA greases have been formulated by Chemours for use in cold to ambient conditions. They are made from PFPE oils and PTFE thickener that are nonreactive, nonflammable and long-lasting. They are completely safe in chemical service, including acids, chlorine and oxygen. The greases are clean, white and non-staining.

The Essential AT grease has no additives and is recommended for use as a valve and a seal lubricant for O-rings and as a valve packing. The Essential ATA grease contains an antirust additive and is recommended for use in bearings with relubrication.

Base oil viscosity @ 40° C (104° F):  18.7 cSt
                   Base oil density:  1.9 g/mL
             NLGI penetration grade:  2
    Oil separation @ 99° C (210° F):  12%
         Volatility @ 66° C 150° F):  9%
        Volatility @ 121° C 250° F):  35%
           Useful temperature range:  From 51° C ( 60° F),
                                      Bearings to 104° C (220° F) with relubrication 
                                      Valves and seals to 121° C (250° F)

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